Welcome to Weldmec Construction

Founded in 2005, Weldmec Construction is a small family based business with over 38 years experience in the petrol & chemical industry. Weldmec Construction has continually grown over the last 10 years, becoming a dependable reliable business capable of undertaking small to large projects across industry. We pride in ourselves in a personal service that we give to our customers.

The core of our business is supply, fabricate and install Process Piping and Civil engineering.
Our aim is to provide an enjoyable working relationship with our clients and provide an excellent service at a very competitive price.
We off a large range of Mechanical and Civil Fabrications and Installations, with a can do attitude. We have bonded strong long-term relationships with some of the leading companies in the industry.

With a highly efficient workforce, with multi trades in house enable us to quickly and efficiently complete contracts.

We have a vast knowledge of the industry can have assisted clients in many different tasks, including inspection and testing we are able to do hydrostatic/pneumatic testing of lines, visual inspections of welds, pipes, castings and provide detailed reports.

All of our equipment is calibrated and tested; our equipment is capable of with standing tests up to 150bar.

  • Tank installations – Installations of prefabricated tanks and process piping.
  • Bund installations (Concrete & Bentonite) – Construction of concrete bunds walls and bentonite matting to bund floors and walls.
  • Fire and Foam Systems – Galvanised ring beam deluge water systems & tank foam injection systems.
  • Ethanol systems – Ethanol blending skid installations.
  • Bund Penetrations – Pipework penetrations through concrete walls, bunds, buildings, incorporating different sealing methods.
  • Pipeline Reroutes – Rerouting of pipelines, for various construction works.

Weldmec Construction Ltd
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