Steel Work

We are able to off in-house Steel Fabrications and Installation to facilitate all of the client’s requirements.
Within our workshop we have a range of experienced Steel Fabricators producing all manor of fabrications from heavy duty welded frames to light weight bolt able sections. Pipe stands to Goal Post Supports and Pipe Bridges are some of the daily tasks carried out within our shop. We can offer strengthening to existing structures, on site as well as installations of steel supports to existing services.

As with all the steel work we provide site measuring is always taken for accuracy.
In past experience we believe that site measuring has played critical to the success of our steelwork installations, Due to the fact that each pipe support will be individually measured, every walkway checked before fabrication starts. This ensures that everything fits first time every time.

We can offer a wide range on coatings to suit any contract; from our superior high speed galvanising options
to wet paint applications & powder coatings. We are glad to report of a new in-house blast cabinet and blasting facilities for our steelwork as well as spray painting facilities.

We also fabricate Pipe Shoes, Pipe Clamps, Runner Bars; this once again works seamlessly with our Pipework Fabrications. As it removes third party suppliers and greatly improves on production.
We can offer pipe supports as per design and recommend options for strapping and anchoring of pipework, this also includes constant effort supports.  We also are very familiar with Deep-water Stoprust options.

The main advantage in this, we ensure that all the Pipe Supports, Pipe Shoes, & any other Steels are installed seamlessly without hiccups.

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