Pipe Work

We offer a wide range of Process Pipework Fabrication & Installations for new Installs, Modifications of Existing Services, Sampling Systems, Fire Fighting installations (Foam & Deluge). From a wide range of materials - Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Kunifer (CuNi) & Coated Galvanised Options
Our Pipefitters & Fabricators pre-check and measure all pipework onsite before any work commences to ensure accuracy.

We endeavour to perform as much as we can, Fabrication/Testing & Coatings in our workshops where possible. We are then able to greatly reduce many of the RISKS associated with the works if they were done on site. Whilst still achieving an undeniable success in our installations. This is not possible for all installations and some works are still required to be performed onsite, our experienced team work safely and in a methodical controlled manor, checking all safety procedures put in place for any high risk works take place.

We hold current weld procedures for a large rage of materials and applications, and frequently run new procedures to ensure we are up to date with current techniques and client approval.  
Day to day we are compliant with Piping Design Codes and implement these with each contract as specifically required.

We can offer a wide range on coatings on our pipework to suit any contract; from our superior high speed galvanising options to wet paint applications & powder coatings, wrapped pipework for underground systems. We are glad to report of a new in-house blast cabinet and blasting facilities for our pipework.

We have a competent workforce that regards safety first when dealing all aspects of construction.


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